Constructions & Cognition - DGKL 6 Erlangen - Sixth International Conference of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association, Erlangen, September 30 - October 2, 2014

Our Plenary Talks

Ewa Dabrowska
Ewa Dabrowska is professor in cognitive linguistics at Northumbria University. Her talk is entitled Individual differences in language attainment: Comparing native and non-native speakers.

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Adele Goldberg
Adele E. Goldberg is professor of linguistics at Princeton. She is going to talk about Constructions & Cognition: a good fit.

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Ronald Langacker
Ronald W. Langacker is professor emeritus of Linguistics at the University of California, San Diego. He is going to lecture on Nominal Grounding and English Quantifiers.

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Friedemann Pulvermüller
Friedemann Pulvermüller is professor for the neurosciene of language and pragmatics at the Free University Berlin. His plenary is on Conjoined processing of form and meaning of words and constructions.

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Hans-Jörg Schmid
Hans-Jörg Schmid is professor of Modern English Linguistics at LMU Munich. His plenary is titled Entrenchment and conventionalization: testing some predictions of the model against historical data.

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